Cheapest SmartPhone Ever Freedom 251 Launching Soon

The india Based smartphone making Company Ringing Bells is unveiled that it is launching the cheapest Smartphone ever which is Freedom 251 model smart phone at a price of Just  500 INR. But the full features of this Freedom 251 are yet to be known.

Vision in launching this Freedom 251 Smartphone is to support Narendra Modi’s vision “empowering India to the last person, transforming India’s growth story”. This Smartphone will be launched by India Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on February 17th 2016.


The ringing bells is assembling phones in India but soon it will start manufacturing in India. It is already launched Smart 101 smart phone which is just under 2999. It has 4G support with android lollipop and with 1.3GHz processor. For more details visit

At present no Smartphone is under 1000 INR. Datawind is planning to launch cheapest phone combining with Reliance but not yet announced. Using smartphone you can watch films via android free movie apps, you can enjoy unlimited fun if you have smartphone.

As the Smartphone users are increasing in India, the introduction of this Low cost Smartphone will have a big impact, if this Freedom 251 becomes successful. Keep your eyes on this cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251 which will be launched on Feb 17th.