Liteblue USPS Gov Login Tips For US Postal Employees

The USPS (United States Postal Service) was formed in 1971 as an independent agency of the federal government of the United States. It has a long, rich, and proud history. Over the years, the USPS has earned reputation and respect for being a reliable, honest, and secure agency. The USPS picks up and delivers millions of mail pieces each day. And to handle such a humongous amount of mails, it employs about 7.5 million workers. These employees are spread across the whole country, so, to help them communicate better and faster, the USPS created an online portal named LiteBlue USPS.

How to Use LiteBlue.USPS.Gov Online website?

According to USPSLiteBlueLogin.Onl website is the web-based portal ( created by the USPS for its employees. It is a self-service portal, and all the USPS employees and associated members can access it. The portal provides USPS employees with vital information regarding their career development, service performance, revenue, recognition, and products. USPS employees can avail of various other services under LiteBlue.

Before the launch of this portal, keeping such a huge workforce connected was a difficult task. So, the USPS decided to create an online portal for its employees to connect quickly and to stay up-to-date with their work-related stuff.

The USPS employees have benefitted immensely since the launch of LiteBlue. Right from the start, the web portal has continued to evolve and transform to meet the demands and expectations of its users.

How to Access or Login to USPS LiteBlue?

Every USPS employee is given an employee ID and password to access LiteBlue. Registration is not required for accessing LiteBlue, and the web portal also doesn’t provide an online registration form. So, your employee ID and the password that you created on your Self Service Profile (SSP) application are the only things that allow you access to this portal. If you don’t have the SSP password, then you’ll need to create it. Here are the steps to create a password for the first time…

Steps to create USPS Self Service password for the first time

  1. Open the internet browser (Google Chrome/ Mozilla Firefox/Apple Safari/Internet Explorer) on your device.
  2. Go to link
  3. On the Sign In page, click on the “Forgot Password” option to reset your password
  4. You’ll be asked to enter your 8-digit employee ID
  5. Once you enter your employee ID, click on “Verify Employee ID” button
  6. You’ll receive a verification link on your email
  7. You’ll have to click on that link (within 72 hours) to set your new password
  8. Armed with this password, you can now login to LiteBlue.

Steps to log in to the LiteBlue USPS  Official website.

  • Open your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  • Search for the “LiteBlue USPS” in the search engine of your browser or directly type the website address
  • On the Home Page, you’ll have to enter your Employee ID and your Password in the given boxes
  • Employee ID – it is the 8-digit number printed on the top of your salary slip
  • USPS Password – This is the password that can be created on the Self-Service Profile app or SSP. With this password, you can also access various self-service apps offered by USPS to its employees.
  • Once you log in, you can access all the information available on the portal.

What to do if you forget the Liteblue.usps.Gov password?

If you happen to forget your password, you can easily reset it by following the simple steps given below.

  • Go to the login page by clicking on the link:
  • Click on the “Forget Your Password?” option
  • You’ll be directed to the SSP portal
  • You’ll need to verify your Employee ID
  • Once you enter the details, you’ll be directed to proceed with your password reset

Liteblue Website Functionalities

LiteBlue allows employees access to their work-related details easily and conveniently:

  • Information related to mail orders and job tracking are available on the portal
  • Automatic scheduling for shipments and mail drops to the destinations
  • Extended record system management via the directory for future use and records
  • The flow of data is easier among different hierarchy levels
  • Information like salary details, current employee benefits, retirement benefits, etc. can be accessed easily with just one click
  • Employees can also change their details (e.g., Address & Phone No.) easily
  • With LiteBlue login credentials, employees can easily access other portals, such as LiteBlue USPS EPayroll, Liteblue FEHB, USPS Track, PostalEASE, etc.

The United States Postal Service provides its services to every nook and corner of America, from the largest cities to the sleepy hamlets. It picks up, processes, and delivers 484.8 million mail pieces every day. No wonder it employs 7.5 million workers to make mail deliveries on time and accurately. Keeping these employees, spread all across the country, connected is a huge task. However, LiteBlue USPS has made this near-impossible task possible. This web portal is like a one-stop-shop for USPS employees – assisting them in their work and solving all their work-related queries.